The 2 Biggest SEO Mistakes that Musicians Make

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves discovering the key search terms (keywords) that people actually enter into search engines when looking for your kind of music. Many musicians figure out likely keywords but then completely miss the vital step of analyzing those keywords in terms of the competition.

Let’s take an example of this. Let’s say your musical genre is New Age – what most New Age musicians do is put “new age” in the keywords section of the code of their web page (called the Keyword Meta Tag) in the hope that people looking for New Age music will find them. But without doing a competitive analysis they completely miss the fact that, while 4,000 people a day do search using “new age”, there are also 28 million sites that use that term on them so the chances of being found using that keyword phrase are pretty much nil.
By using competitive analysis software tools they would find that 5,000 people a day search for “new age music” while 1.3 million sites use that term so there is a lot less competition if they use that keyword phrase. However, where the gold lies is in finding out that thousands a day are searching on such keywords as “calm music”, “yoga music”, “relaxation music” with competition as little as 40,000 sites.
40,000 competing sites may sound like a lot but if you use SEO techniques you can cause your site to appear on the 1st page of the Google search engine results for the less-competitive terms because most of those 40,000 sites are not using those techniques or not using them effectively enough (and there is also software that can tell you exactly what they’re doing and not doing).
But here’s where it gets really interesting – 33 people a day search for “meditation music download” and only 540 sites are using that term so showing up on the top Google page for that term can be much easier. 33 people a day is about a thousand people a month.
Which would you rather go after, the thousand people a month who will find you or the 150,000 a month who won’t?
And if you discover and use a lot of the less competitive keyword phrases you can increase that to much higher than 1,000 a month. And on top of that, “meditation music download” is a much more specific term so if you provide what they’re looking for, the person looking for it is much more likely to be interested in what you’re offering than someone searching on the broader, more generic, “new age”.
The 2nd mistake musicians (and not only musicians) make is they put their “keywords” into the Meta Keyword tags in ther web page code. Since the end of the 90’s, Google search engines have been completely ignoring the Meta Keyword tag and now they look at exactly how and where the keywords are used in the title and headings and the text of the page itself instead.
Just using keywords correctly can make the difference between people finding you and not finding you so it’s worth knowing. I’ll give a list of some of the tools you can use to do this in upcoming posts I write about this.

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