Please answer the questions as thoroughly as you can and give any additional data you feel might be useful. If you don't know the answer to a question, you can leave it blank.

There are a lot of questions but most people get a lot of benefit from really getting to see exactly where they're at in regards to their online marketing. Plus they get ideas that they had not previously had.

Don't worry if your answer is "No" to many of their questions - that is very common, and it is not nearly necessary to be doing all these things. In fact, doing one or two well is much better than doing a dozen in bits and pieces. Thank you!


33) Regarding your web site and/or blog:

This would be things like: # of unique visitors - where they mostly came from (referring sites etc.) - overall average time spent on site - bounce rate - % new visitors - top keywords whereby people find the site etc.

Thank you!