Above is the AI Seminar from May 16th, 2023 - The ultimate AI seminar covering 40 of the best AI tools out of the 3,000 currently available. Find out all about them and see them in action.

Below is the 20 minute excerpt from the June 14th AI seminar at Tampa Bay Inventor's Council showing 15 or so new tools released in the 4 weeks between the seminars.

Tony Rockliff discusses and demonstrates the advancements in artificial intelligence, which is advancing at an unbelievable pace, and shows the various AI tools available for tasks such as writing, designing, creating art, including images, videos, music and animation, and encourages individuals to embrace AI and the new opportunities it brings.

Some highlights:

  • AI technology is blurring the lines between reality and fiction, creating realistic computer-generated voices (one company has solved the usual roboticness of these), music, images, animation, and now videos, and dramatically speeding up numerous tasks.
  • AI can now perform various tasks such as proofreading, book editing, fixing grammar, writing promotional copy, and even suggesting recipes based on a photo of the contents of your fridge.
  • AI tools can detect plagiarism, provide marketing suggestions, give advice, and generate social media designs.
  • AI is transforming car and interior design, creating art in famous styles, and generating fresh ideas as inspiration for artists.
  • AI will impact numerous industries, but individuals should embrace AI tools and the new opportunities that will arise.
  • AIs can accurately and in detail describe what they see in images and videos, with machines learning and improving at an extraordinary rate.
  • Tony shows tools that go beyond ChatGPT.
  • AI quickly summarizes search results from multiple webpages and answers questions in seconds, making it a favorite AI tool of the speaker.
  • AI can save researchers and content creators immense amounts of time by summarizing web pages, emails, and long YouTube videos in an instant.and even helping with writing and replying to emails and social media posts.
  • AI can also be used to rewrite text or copy in the style of another writer or to be understood by a six-year-old, showing its potential for creative and educational purposes.
  • AI can write computer code in seconds, potentially changing the paradigm of programming for ordinary people.
  • AI-powered natural language interfaces are becoming so human-like that they can optimize prompts (machine input) and refine them until they are perfect.
  • What are the potential impacts of AI on society and employment?
  • AI is predicted to impact a wide range of jobs, from medical doctors, website designers, copywriters, proofreaders and editors, video producers, audio engineers, interpreters and translators, teachers, graphic designers, animators, survey researchers, poets, lyricists and creative writers and authors, PR people, tax preparers, mathematicians, blockchain engineers, court reporters and simultaneous captioners, accountants and auditors, legal secretaries and administrative assistants, news analysts, reporters and journalists, SEO people, financial managers, insurance appraisers, investment fund managers, data managers and more.
  • To avoid being among the 300 million predicted to lose their jobs, embrace AI and learn how to use AI tools that do what you do, learn how to talk to the machines (prompts) and USE them to dramatically speed up your delivery, and the number of clients you can handle, If you’re an artist, use what AI generates for inspiration for your work. Artists are also selling AI images at stock sites.
  • And much, much more.
Merlin AI 2

How can you use AI in your business?

Are you confused about all the Artificial Intelligence options available? Or scared you could get left behind?  Or even lose your job to an AI?

There are now literally thousands of AI tools in many dozens of categories, with many more arriving every day! How can you possibly keep up?

And, while you probably know or think that AI could greatly increase your productivity, and save you extraordinary amounts of time, how do you know which are the best tools to use?

How do you know whether to use ChatGPT, Bard, Perplexity, or Merlin, or any of the other similar tools, for example? Or which is best image generator, or promo designer? And do you have the time to try and learn all these tools?

What if you spent all that time and then found out that the ones you had learnt weren't the best ones for your needs, and you had to start all over? Especially since in the rush to get these tools out, many are not ready-for-prime-time.

What if there was someone who could do all the research and learning for you?

I have been using AI tools for 25 years and am constantly tracking and testing new ones, looking for the best in each category. I have watched the evolution from robotic sounding voice-over tools to the extraordinarily natural sounding ones now available from one company.

One of my "superpowers" is the ability to rapidly study, absorb and learn new technologies.

Take advantage of my knowledge and passion in the area to save yourself from spending a great deal of time, from making easy-to-make-mistakes, and to get a competitive business advantage.

Let me find and tailor the best AI tools for your exact needs as your Personal AI Consultant. Email me at to get your 100% no-obligation free consultation.