The Artists Revitalization Seminar

This seminar is the recommended undercut to the Tony’s Internet Marketing for Musicians seminar as it addresses the Beingness of the artist and helps remove potential personal barriers that can get in the way of their successful application of the Doingnesses involved in their achieving success as artists.


The seminar is designed to blow stops and to rehabilitate artistic ability. Areas covered in great depth include:

  • Personal integrity and why violating yours can literally ruin your life.
  • How to spot and handle the hidden and not-so hidden toxic personalities who try to destroy artists.
  • How to become immune to criticism.
  • How early critics can become your first audience in later life.
  • How and why to hold on to the certainty that you had when you first created your art.
  • The power of aesthetics and how to harness it.
  • How to give life to your art so that it resonates directly with others.

The most usual result is an artist who has greatly rehabilitated their beingness as an artist with barriers in their own universe spotted and blown, and who is now raring to go and who also knows better how to survive in a world that can sometimes be tough on artists.

The reason Tony is so passionate about delivering this seminar is contained in his basic purpose:

“To bring joy, knowledge and aesthetics to help artists break free of the chains that hold them down, and to inspire and restore life to them so that they are more able to contribute to increased positive values and raised awareness in the culture and the society.”