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As I covered in my "Are You Guessing at Which Videos to Make?" article, many companies just guess as to which videos they should be creating, without really researching the marketplace to find out exactly which videos are needed, and which will actually be responded to by their potential clients.

The full YouTube channel analysis and videos optimization service is designed to solve that and is comprised of:

1) A thorough analysis of your YouTube channel and the relative performance of each video across numerous metrics that YouTube uses to rank videos and the channel.

This enables us to see which videos and kinds of videos have been responsible for growing the channel, and thus which can be utilized as a model for future videos, and why. We utilize several systems to obtain this data and we provide a detailed report of our findings, covering the channel's strengths and weaknesses, and giving specific recommendations for effectively growing the channel and fixing any weak areas. We also advise on best practices for optimizing your channel and your videos.

The reason this is important is because the condition of your channel is a key factor in whether you can compete for the YouTube keyword phrases that will get you the most return.

2) Detailed keyword and competitor research to determine the ideal keyword phrases to go after that your channel would most likely be able to rank for (different than Google SEO keywords), also with a report of our findings and recommendations. This includes analyzing the relative strength or weakness of the competition, relating to those keyword phrases. We use 5 tools to obtain this information.


This will tell you exactly what videos need to be produced going forward, and how ideally they should be both created as to structure, and optimized for maximum search results, and especially engagement.

There are five primary key steps involved in getting your videos seen, and in your channel gaining authority. Why is it important for your channel to have authority? Because the higher that YouTube perceives your channel authority, the more chances you have to rank for the more competitive higher search volume keywords. In other words to get your videos seen by many more people based on their searches.

The Five Major Steps:

1) Research to find out what is being searched for that you can compete for, as covered in my LinkedIn article, and  expanded upon and detailed in subsequent articles.

2) Create video content for what people are actually looking for. And also for what YouTube is looking for, as covered in this article. There are specific ways to sequence the content of your videos in order to get the most engagement, which is a key factor that YouTube looks for in ranking your channel.

3) Optimize your channel. These are steps to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your channel. 

4) Publish your videos. Your videos need to be published in very specific ways and on a known schedule in order to maximize their chances of being seen.

5) Promote your videos. This is the big one - you have to know exactly when to promote your videos, not only how. When you promote your videos is a vital factor in their success.

All 5 steps need to be optimized. 

I will advise on how to optimize your existing videos, as well as how to optimize your channel, get your videos coming up as suggested videos after other videos, and how and when to best publish and promote your videos, and much more.