Internet Marketing for Musicians


Secrets of Successful Internet Marketing for Musicians

The result of many years of intense research, this seminar, which has been delivered all over the world, covers the exact activities being done by the artists who are being successful expanding their careers via the Internet.

Areas covered include:

• What’s really going on in the old music business and what you can do about it.

• The exact strategies being used by successful Internet marketers.

• How to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and others effectively without becoming overwhelmed and having it take all your time.

• How to get others to help you with this.

• How to use the Internet to make music your full-time career.

• Why most musicians build their websites completely backwards in terms of what’s needed and how to fix this.

• Some of the best sites for musicians and how to use their tools.

• The very fastest ways to build your fan base.

• How to nurture your fan base to build incredible loyalty.

• How to create irresistible offerings that will drive your fans to buy what you have to offer and give you a great living from here on out.

• How to use tools like podcasts, Facebook Ads and others

• Online distribution

This information puts the artist in the driver’s seat of his career and the lack of the knowledge contained in this seminar is the exact reason for lack of real results using the Internet.