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Navigating the many paths open to an artist, some that lead to real fulfillment, some that are treacherous traps laced with honey, is a skill and an art in itself. An artist has enough on his hands creating his or her artwork. Sometimes you need a friend to help with guidance and support. Check out how I can help at the Services menu above.


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How Not To Break into the Music Business

It was 1962, Liverpool England. Sitting in our living room watching TV with my father. Little knowing that the next few moments would change my life. Suddenly on the screen there were the Beatles doing their first-ever TV appearance.

I was mesmerized as I’d never seen or heard anyone like them. I turned around and saw the look of utter horror on my father’s face, and right in that instant I knew without a doubt exactly what I wanted to be. Read More about “How Not To Break into the Music Business”

What Do People Say About Working With Tony?

“When Tony did a make-over of my website I was not expecting what he presented to me – I was blown away with the aesthetics and marketing savvy that went into it. Through the meetings we had I saw the depth of his understanding of website design, internet marketing and advertising, social media, etc. and actually learned how to market better.

I’m extremely happy and appreciative not only for the end product and the fun we had working it, but especially for the level of service he delivers. In other words, I got way more than I paid for. The only thing you have to watch for is you may feel a bit indebted if you work with him. But don’t worry because he will take goats for payment :)” – Robbie N.



“Solutions to the Top Ten Mistakes made by Artists Online”.


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