(according to people who have become multi-millionaires and billionaires):

1) TIMING – being in the right place at the right time.

2) VISION – not having vision and seeing or recognizing the future potential of a situation.

3) ACTION – taking massive and immediate action.

4) TAKING RISKS – having the courage to take a chance and being willing to take the necessary risks.

5) PERSISTENCE – persisting and persevering no matter what and never giving up on the dream. Constancy of purpose.

6) WORKING ONLY ON YOUR OWN PURPOSE – working only at what makes your blood boil – your heart must be in it – and not working for someone else.

7) DECIDING ON EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT – decide on what lifestyle you want and be willing to take the necessary risks.

8) COMMITMENT – committing to going all the way and never veering from this.

9) SETTING GOALS – setting the goals and targets necessary to achieving what you want. Setting time targets and working out the steps necessary to achieve them.

9) WORKING HARD – being willing to take the extra effort.

10) RECOGNIZING YOUR VALUE – and insisting on being well exchanged for it.

11) HONESTY – being honest and ethical in your dealings with others. Going for Win-Win.

12) NO-COMPROMISE – not compromising with what you know is right.

13) DISAGREEING – disagreeing with apparent barriers to what you are doing – finding solutions. Keeping your attention on the purpose, not the barriers.

14) AWARENESS – being constantly alert and willing to fight for what is right.

15) CONFRONTING – confronting and rapidly handling what comes up as needing to be handled.

16) INSOUCIANCE – having a light devil-may-care attitude.

17) DRIVE – continually pushing towards and channeling everything towards the achievement of your goals.

18) SITUATION RECOGNITION – when things dip, recognizing the situation you’re in and following the necessary steps to move up to a better condition.

19) READING PEOPLE – recognizing who’s with you and who’s against you and limiting the influence and contact of those whose intentions are counter to yours.

20) BEING WILLING AND ABLE TO CHANGE QUICKLY – especially when situations arise that demand a speedy and necessary change of plan.

21) HAVING SMARTS and using them. Researching your market and competitors and being just that bit more brilliant and being first to do new things.

Compiled and added to by Tony Rockliff