How to Not Lose Your Website Visitors

Did you know that typically 95% of the new visitors who come to your website will never come back again? And since you usually don’t know who they were, it can be very hard to reach them again.

What if there was a way to not only not lose them, but to be able to reach out to them in the future?

Facebook’s super-awesome miraculous magical “pixel” to the rescue!

Facebook’s pixel is a little piece of code placed invisibly at your web site that “captures” them and adds them to a “custom audience” that you can then promote to in the future. It’s a free tool available to you within your Facebook Ad Manager under the Tools menu.

The thing that I love about the pixel is that it doesn’t care where those visitors came from – in other words, they don’t have to arrive at your site from Facebook – but can come there from anywhere. This is major.

If you’re not already using Facebook pixels, I strongly recommend that you do.

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