A picture of girl recording video on her camera. She holds a piece of paper with printed words on that. She alsp points on the paper which means she recommends everybody to subscribe to her channel

The How to Get Your YouTube Videos Seen seminar covers how to best optimize your YouTube channel and its videos in order to get your videos viewed. Some of the areas covered are:

  • Key YouTube stats and why YouTube is a preferred promotional channel
  • Reverse-engineered weights of the YouTube ranking algorithm
  • How to do a full analysis of your YouTube channel (beyond what YouTube tells you)
  • How to research the YouTube searches and subjects that you can compete for
  • How to create your content to satisfy the 4 main results that YouTube wants to see
  • How to optimize the publishing and promotion of your videos
  • YouTube video best practices
  • What the real purpose of YouTube tags is
  • Tools that can help with all of the above.