robbie-108x129-2109“When Tony did a make-over of my website I was not expecting what he presented to me – I was blown away with the aesthetics and marketing savvy that went into it. Through the meetings we had I saw the depth of his understanding of website design, internet marketing and advertising, social media, etc. and actually learned how to market better.

I’m extremely happy and appreciative not only for the end product and the fun we had working it, but especially for the level of service he delivers. In other words, I got way more than I paid for. The only thing you have to watch for is you may feel a bit indebted if you work with him. But don’t worry because he will take goats for payment :)”

– Robbie Now

davia2-94x105-4503“Tony just finished my husband’s website and I am so impressed with the level of professionalism and artistry that he demonstrated in his work. He has such a deep knowledge of the industry and makes it look so simple and reachable. He knows exactly what to do to bring out the best in an artist.

And on top of that, he is a lot of fun to be around! So easy to work with! So caring!”

– Davia

bettyface-86x110-1290“My good friend and partner, Betty Norlin, and I recently launched a web site. After struggling for some months to create the site ourselves, Betty and I came to the realization that we simply did not have the technical skill and knowledge to develop the kind of appealing and user friendly site that we were seeking. We also realized that by hiring a designer to work along side of us with our goals and vision, we could benefit from the years of experience they brought to the table – thereby saving us time and making our website more efficient from the start.

randyj-84x110-5231Fortunately, Betty had become acquainted with Tony Rockliff through an internet marketing group, The Tampa Bay Business Owners. She was impressed with his background, including his role as founder of Cybertown in the late 1990’s – similar to a SecondLife site of today. Randy and Betty both had the opportunity to hear Tony speak on internet marketing and both of us felt an instant connection with Tony as well as being generally impressed with his background. We decided to contact Tony for assistance and we were so glad that we did! We rapidly came to the realization that Tony had both the technical AND the design expertise that are critical when tackling the complex job of designing and building a new web site.

Not only were we pleased with Tony’s work product, but we can’t compliment Tony enough on his pleasant demeanor, his patience, and the easy way Tony interacts with his clients. It’s probably no surprise then that both of us wholeheartedly recommend Tony to any person or business needing web site design and consulting assistance. He is an absolutely amazing web designer and Betty and I have been extremely happy with him.”

– Randy James and Betty Norlin

sjlove-110x110-9478“Sue and I have been bragging you up, hope you don’t mind. We can’t help it, we are so pleased to have you designing our beautiful website. We are constantly getting extremely positive feedback from those who visit the site. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for you and what you are doing for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

– John Love

carrie2-106x110-8520“Thanks so much for everything you and your team are doing to make our site a fabulous success. I truly realize that this site would not be possible without you and your team. At the onset, it seemed like our requirements were a little out of the standard for a membership site but very attainable. Now as we have gone through the process, there have definitely been some major bumps that you have handled incredibly to keep us moving forward.”


“I wanted to send a personal email to THANK YOU for everything you and your team have done to make our site AMAZING!!! I know our project became much more complicated then originally expected but I could not have done it without you.”


“Tony Rockliff and his team are WordPress wizards making magic happen with our incredible new membership website. From the beginning, we always had a how can it be done attitude that led to amazing feats and miracles getting multiple software programs to play nice together. The end result is amazing and I would recommend Tony to anyone developing a membership site. ”

– Carrie Scheiner