The Artists Revitalization Seminar

This seminar is the recommended undercut to the Tony’s Internet Marketing for Musicians seminar as it addresses the Beingness of the artist and helps remove potential personal barriers that can get in the way of their successful application of the Doingnesses involved in their achieving success as artists.


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The seminar is designed to blow stops and to rehabilitate artistic ability. Areas covered in great depth via close to 60 LRH references as well as real-life examples include:

  • Should you create "for the market" or for what you believe in?
  • How and why to hold your viewpoint on the greatness of your work when you created it
  • The key factors exhibited by artists who have career longevity
  • What are the key ways to spot hidden suppression?
  • Can a person be suppressive and not be "an SP"?
  • The two areas that are most attacked by SP's
  • How to stop the Vampire Personality from sucking the life out of you as an artist
  • How to become immune to artistic criticism and invalidation
  • Is "constructive criticism" really good for you?
  • What happens just before an artist ceases to create?
  • Why critical and invalidative words can have such power and what they're actually keying-in
  • How to handle criticism by doing absolutely nothing, but doing it loudly
  • How aesthetics, not communicating your knowledge, determines your Havingness
  • How using aesthetics results in more agreement and less opposition
  • How to give life to your art so that it resonates directly with others


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The most usual result is an artist who has greatly rehabilitated their beingness as an artist with barriers in their own universe spotted and blown, and who is now raring to go and who also knows better how to survive in a world that can sometimes be tough on artists.

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A very small sampling of Artist Revitalization Seminar Success Stories


"I stopped writing due to a suppressor and also not granting beingness to myself as artist, life giver, portal to the infinite gift of life. I reduced myself to becoming an artist to no audience not even myself. Now I know the confidence which never left me needed to be granted. Let regranted beingness pour out to flow out aesthetically again.

Thank you for giving me the tools to handle criticism, suppression, and rehabilitate. It is the best seminar I have ever attended. For my own life force has been located and returned via your mentoring and friendship." SLB

"This was fantastic! I found myself being exterior constantly while listening to Tony go over these wonderful references of Ron's. I totally enjoyed listening to Tony deliver this seminar. He is wonderful! The data was very, very theta and very validating. I became extremely aware of my ability to put life into things, to grant beingness. I am very excited about creating on all my dynamics with the concept of granting beingness. Thank you, Ron. Thank you, Tony!" ML, JF

"My role as an artist is so much clearer now! And my certainty in my abilities to be an artist is clearer as well. This seminar was amazing in that I really was directed to look at the stops that others and myself have put on my lines. Art and the creation of it are simple subjects that I have made out to be very complicated, I made the doingness very efforty. Now, however, thanks to this seminar, I am certain in my beingness and purpose as an artist! Thanks so much to Tony for delivering this seminar and, of course, to Ron for this data!!" – CB

"I have regained my space and have found my way back home with a new certainty of purpose as an Artist. Thank you, Ron and Tony." - BL

”So much happened that there are no words in the physical universe to describe what I got here. Physical effects: My face has been burning since about half way through the seminar from the heat release just from getting this vital data. I have rehabilitated my ability to BE. I am an artist in the fullest sense. It’s tremendous!” GP

”My God! This seminar was and still is the most powerful seminar I’ve been to in quite some time! I am a NOTS completion and have done my “L”s and I had no idea that I could gain so much from “Just a seminar”! I now understand how I can make the right things I’ve been doing even more right! LRH has taken off many of my considerations about my own creations. I feel so much freer to communicate without going effect of those who want to STOP for whatever reason! Tony, thank you for your boost of inspiration and the Theta Data.” BH

"Fantastic!!!! There were so many great concepts in this seminar! I got excited about going home and creating! It validated many things I’ve been doing, my viewpoints in the area and my urges as an artist. It also helped me to settle an answer to a sit that needs attention at work. I feel so much Theta was created for so many people in the seminar! So uplifting!!!!! Tony…thank you!" - LH

”This seminar cut to the meat of precisely what was stopping me in the areas of music, writing, disseminating, Scientology® and Life and livingness. Awesome!” JC

”I prayed for this --- Simple, pure and enhancing tech on how to survive as an Artist -- Tony Rockliff delivers it so beautifully and LRH would be proud! Thanks!” ML and ARC, A (LRH Artist & Designer)

"Tony did a very artful job of bringing key references together. There was a very definite aesthetic to the simplicity of the presentation which gave me the very valuable references. Instead of an overload of data, I feel I got key data that I can now apply. The Code of Honor and PDC references were awesome! I feel I can re-create in areas that I had/have not been in in years! Thanks Tony! And thanks to Ron." - LB

"Tony Rockliff's Artist Revitalization Seminar was amazing. I feel ready to start creating my own art, which is something that has been on hold for a long time. I've been waiting for the right time but I realize that it all starts with one's decision.

I love Tony's calm beingness and granting of beingness that serves as a vehicle to this powerful seminar. It is truly an artist revitalization CPR procedure.

The LRH data gone over is amazing and I will have to go over it several times; it is so beautiful and necessary to all artists. We have to do this more often and share with other artists.

Thanks, LRH and Tony!!!" - OA

"This was so much fun and it was so needed by Artists. So many points struck me - I think one of the most important points was when Tony talked about holding on to your viewpoint, certainty and knowingness of the first moment of creation and you will get agreement. That is for me, the most important thing an Artist can do and the thing that will most contribute to his success. Thank you, Tony, for all the incredible references! I think this seminar should be given at least once a month, since Artists are so subject to negative feedback and criticisms done in the name of help." Love, JG

"This incredible compilation of references guided me to the conclusion that I had stopped granting beingness to myself regarding my singing especially. This alone rehabilitates me as an Artist on each aspect (as a chain reaction) of every medium I am using, dancing, singing, painting, drawing, my ART of Public Relations and communication. Thank you so very much, Tony. You gave me what you promised." - M-D.J.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar - I had several huge blows of charge and cogs including opening up areas that I am having some incredible wins on Level 7 on - so thanks for doing this - I've wanted this type of seminar to happen for a long time - I'm glad you made it happen!" - J.W.S.

"Some of my excellent wins: Spotted why I stopped my previous art career; cognited on how I can create in a whole new area in the future. Excellent seminar. Thank you!" - KB

"Great, great, basic yet powerful references. There is power in simplicity. All excellent data,. One of my favorite parts covered endowment of Theta/Life. I see how this datum is my item and encompasses all the other info in the seminar. Thank you to Tony - Great job! And thank you to Ron. I do feel a resurgence in many areas, now that I understand them more." - CL

A few days after the seminar:

"I have had a wonderful resurgence of theta and life.  On Tuesday I went to CC on my way out of town to kill time until the traffic died down, and ended up finding exactly enough money on a forgotten account to stay the night!!  This is significant, because next day, on my way driving I popped in to see an old friend, and ran into one of the top music supervisors on the planet who happens to work in the same office building.  I used to hang out with this lady when we lived in Bel Air, and haven't seen her for 8 years!!  She threw her arms around me, spent two hours showing me around and introducing me to her new colleagues, and, long story short, is going to represent me.  If you read the credits on top TV shows you will see the name of this lady's husband.  Music Biz royalty, indeed.  So you see, you have liberated me.  It's true what happens when you pour the coals on the purpose, as Ron says."

and a few days later:

"Well, I now have two, count 'em, TWO studios to work in, whereas last week I had NONE!!!!  Yes, I have done a deal to share publishing with a Las Vegas Celebrity studio owner and another guy who runs a pro-tools rig in town.  I can't believe how quickly things have changed.  It's like I've been frozen in a block of ice for about a decade, and suddenly the sun came out!!!

I am having such a blast since the seminar - feeling rehabbed.  Learning a new software, recording, planning to start a company with two of my muso friends - planning to go to London to promote our catalogue.   It's become totally effortless and fun and it's blowing my mind.  I don't know exactly what happened at your gig, but sure as hell SOMETHING did!!!" - DR

"This was a great lecture! I loved the data about imbuing an inanimate object with life. It is something that I can do with my artwork. There was a wealth of information in this lecture. I’m looking forward to reading the references again and listening to the tapes referenced today to hear it a second time. Thanks Tony!" - MM

"This seminar was awesome! I got some new ideas about my book I’m writing, renewed interest in getting it completed and disseminated, and total certainty that it will sell and be widely read. I realized that I have been stopping that creation, which is an effort. I see fully how to imbue it with the theta message I want to communicate, and what my message is. No effort in that at all! I also cognited that I can and want to grant beingness to critics or those who reject my creations and not be enturbulated by it. Thank you for putting this data together and presenting to us here!" – KJ

"This was absolutely phenomenal! I learned so much about my hat as an artist. Especially cool was the review on parts of the Code of Honor as well as the importance of granting beingness. I feel like my space has gotten bigger and I have more certainty about what I’m creating and doing. I have decided to start keeping stats as an artist, as I’m sure of the benefit and importance of this. I also decided to name the "product" of each piece of art I create and to mock up the audience for each. Thank you Ron, for the data and Tony for the theta delivery of it!" - TT

"I had several cognitions during this seminar. I believe I can take the data I learned and apply it directly to several areas that I was not operating optimally in. Having the mechanics of how certain things work in this universe will allow me to be more at cause as an artist and to create more of a positive effect." – TJ

"I have been having some H-U-G-E wins since the seminar -- phenomenal, phenomenal data!! Last night, I saw how this seminar was truly a MAJOR, MAJOR action for me as a thetan and as an incredible artist! When I sang my 2D another one of my songs last night, he noticed a big difference in the effect that I created with my song -- with my certainty, delivery, etc., and he commented how it was so professional!

I truly, truly, truly absorbed the data from your seminar through my entire beingness and this is absolutely priceless!!!!!

Thank you sooooo much Tony!!!! Lots of Love & Admiration to You!" - D.M.

"On my way home from the seminar today I realized that my awareness and perceptions were more in PT then they have been in a long time. I thought at first it was just the gentleman that I was talking to. At the time, I marveled to myself, "Man, he is so real, so close! It is like he is here in HD x 500 million megapixels." I thought it was just him. It wasn't. I was just really in comm with PT.

I think what did it here was spending that time in the seminar looking at what creating is and being validated as a creator of experiences. It helped me remember that I was the creator of my environment, and I really can have it like I want it. I don't need permission from others to have it like I see it. I took home the realization, again, that what others see or don't see doesn't change what I see or make. Thank you for validating me as a part of this group.

Tony your purpose is truly aesthetic. I admire your ability to communicate to your fellow artists on a level that the communication is received and is truly on source. Releasing artists to pursue their purpose is what will keep lifting our culture and make all that LRH intended that much more doable." ml, D (who started the seminar by saying, "I'm not actually an artist.")

”I have been in and out of Ethics and done endless training and auditing over the last four years just to handle one unresolvable item. Tonight on this seminar it was fully and terminatedly handled! Thank you!!” GF

"3 main things hit me from this seminar:

First was the importance of self-confidence and sticking by one's own reality. This is a big point for me--also coupled with my ability to make an effect. Thanks for this datum.

Second was that part by itself--my idea of whether or not I can have an effect--related to criticisms, reasons not to create, etc. Could be my fundamental problem.

Third, and this was a brand new thought to me, was the process and importance of granting beingness to THINGS and especially one's artwork. I think this is going to be very helpful to me.

Thanks, LRH and Tony!" - DB

"Granting beingness, life to life and to the degree you create this wonderful, aesthetic of life itself. You are totally indispensable. Tony, thanks a million times for granting life beingness. It speaks or completely exudes from you. May I never be the same. Off to art!" - JAS

" Wow!! Again!!! Thank you so much for the inspirations of applying specific LRH tech to creativity and aesthetics. There is a tech to being an artist and your LRH references and anecdotal applications of them have inspired me to start again creating on a higher plane.

There is so much value to creating that I had been not-is'ing, just being an observer, a spectator. Now I see it is not just a nice thing to do but it is vital that I start creating, again, and show it!

Thank you!" - BH

"Today I have recovered certainty as an artist and realized that an artist is primarily a thetan and that the conduct of an artist is subject to all the data about thetans. Also that artists are the primary thetans. My hope and expectations for success are greatly increased due to this seminar and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be happy, not just those who consider themselves artists. Thank you very much!" - SD

" I very much enjoyed some of the techniques for handling SPs and the tools for being immune to criticisms. I really got the viewpoint that as an artist you have to be willing to have your viewpoint and know that it doesn't necessarily agree with anyone else's, including the physical universe." - BW

"In my pursuit of tech, I feel I have now reached the point of having the exact and precise tools to stabilize my theta existence forever and ever!!! I feel very strong certainty in my aesthetic abilities and with my certainty to communicate my aesthetic beingness and creations! It is so awesome to have a very, very safe and supportive group of artists. And thank you very much Tony for so beautifully delivering a fantastic seminar of Ron’s priceless and "artist-saving" tech on aesthetic creation!!!" Lots and lots of love, DM

"This really blew away so much "stuff". I personally spotted a person on my lines with certainty with this seminar, who has been suppressing me. This was NOT what I expected to handle. Thanks for that. I also reaffirmed why I am an artist and why it is important for me to wear my hat. Thank you and the planet thanks you." - DD

"This was a very helpful seminar for any artist or want to be artist or really for anyone. So much great material was covered and I so look forward to going in to immediate action using this. I know with certainty this will definitely bring my own personal art to a whole new and exciting worthwhile level. I am so so, so glad I came today. And Tony will return for more - I have decided! Let us all imbue life into great things and lift this culture to an all new beautiful shining playground! Thank you Tony, thank you Tampa Org, thank you Ron - I love you." - KMP

"Learning the value and the importance of Art makes me very happy. I want to create more now, knowing the meaning of art. Always with the intention of making people feel good." - LS

"Excellent data! I now understand more about what I’ve been doing as an artist - very validating!" - CM

"I enjoyed communicating with Tony and getting data that reinforces the importance of the artist. I would like to come to these for several weekends in a row and do in depth drills, etc. Maybe a course could be put together." ML, AS

"This seminar was great. I came with my wife who is a talented artist, and I feel like I got a lot out it, even though I’m not an "artist" in this life. I learned how to put life in things that I create. I also have the data to help my wife be successful in her art career. And I now know how to keep the SP’s away." - DT

"I think it was great to get to spend a few hours in a room with artists, discussing art and aesthetics. It was worth it just for that! Tony Rockliff was great! Very theta! The points he was getting across from Ron’s writings and lectures were phenomenally interesting and I had many cogs about my own track as an artist this life. I would highly recommend this to anyone." ARC, MF

"This was a wonderful seminar. I am just a beginning artist but I began to see some of the reasons I never really got started in art, although I always had a strong reach. I enjoyed being in the company of artists and seeing that there are many who would be willing to grant beingness to the things I might create. Thank you very much Tony for a lovely seminar." - SH

"This seminar was great! It’s something that is extremely needed and wanted, and all of us as artists and individuals contributing to this culture need to know the importance of the arts so we can hold our position in space as artists, because we know the importance of our activity to all dynamics. We can comm who we really are as individuals as we are each unique and have something to share and from our viewpoint and also how to survive and expand as artists." - JMC

"This seminar was amazing. It was great to learn so much in such a short time. The data about suppression and criticism was very real to me. It is hard to go past that as an artist, but I know that through training, I can overcome anything and truly wear the hat of an artist. Also, this seminar has given me a new purpose for my work. I would love to use my talent and aesthetics to start portraying spiritual messages. I would love to help others by communicating to them about Scientology in my art. Tony did a wonderful job and I am thankful to Ron for the tech." - HT

"I love all the references having to do with art. The seminar was presented in a wonderful step by step process that can be done to look at and apply what is needed to get myself going again with my artwork. I thought the part about what I want to communicate and the beingness of the art very valuable. Thank you, Tony!" - KM

"I really loved this seminar. It was like sitting around in your living room talking of great things that you don’t hear in everyday talk. It was very theta and fun, enlightening, etc. and it helped to bring life in a more prospective glance. Thanks, Tony, for presenting this and taking the time for find these amazing Ron references." - NW

"I really got a look at the difference between the daily livingness and actions of an artist and others. I have often wondered why certain people put so much more into everything they do, regardless of what it is and why I feel so compelled to put myself into the things I create. I have been holding back as an artist and see that I won’t really be happy until I get back at it." - CJ

"That was a wonderful seminar yesterday, thank you so much! It really really helped. What a great thing you are doing there. I will be sure sure sure to tell others about next month’s seminar as well. Now more than ever I definitely plan on getting my gradients in more and imbuing all I do with life. SOOOOOO COOOOL.

I’ll keep you posted of my success as an artist – singer/singwriter/actor as well! THANK YOU SOOOOO VERY VERY MUCH. You are great!" - K.R.M.

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