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On the left are screenshots of the videos that the companies previously had,

and on the right are the new ones that we did for them. 


jj b4 b


"Your work was such an upgrade that now I have to upgrade the other 7 videos. :)" Arte Maren

arte wf image 3
arte wf image

 "That final version is Absolutely Awesome in Every Way!!! It's such a true business pleasure to work with you, as you always demonstrate the highest levels of professional expertise, artistic ingenuity and technical brilliance, and your audio/video product is 100% perfect...every time!" Tari Steward

dr l b4 b
frsnk 3

 "Tony put together the best website and personal video that I've ever had. And there have been quite a few. I highly recommend that you use his services." Ben Kugler

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