“We’re on page 1 of Google for our main keyword for the Perfect Day video and the Cranberry Red Balloon website. CD Baby has contacted us and said that we are one of their top selling CD’s! The proverbial “hot cake!” : )

I just wanted to thank you for getting me on the right track and am happy to tell all those who ask that you are the source!!”

Annie & Tab (Art Garfunkel’s lead guitarist)

“I will need another press release soon! We’re rocking Google!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Have you seen the Google results for CRB!! We are on Page one tonight!!!!
and we have about twelve mentions on the next 8 pages including four
videos!! And out of close to a billion competing sites!!”

Annie and Tab (Art Garfunkel’s guitarist)


“My wife and I have been a two person company for several years. Trying to do everything – and not having the knowledge on how to do it – made our lives very difficult. There’s just too much to know. Too much to do. When we found Tony we breathed a huge sigh of relief. No longer will we be putting in days, weeks and years doing things we weren’t quite sure were right. Now everything is falling into place, one step following another.

And we’re having fun!

We had seen many marketing experts in the past few years and things didn’t really work out and in working with Tony we realized that the big difference is that he is an artist with decades of experience in our own business, so we speak the same language and all his advice is directly relevant to exactly what we need.

But all of his expertise wouldn’t have been enough for us if he was someone who was difficult to get along with. Tony is the perfect match. His patience (and with us he really needs it), his sense of humor, and his general “good guy-ness” makes working with him a pleasure. I’m not exaggerating when I say that we’ve gone from banging our heads against a wall to really having fun playing the game!

Tony, we can’t thank you enough. “

Neal Fox


“Everybody’s trying to tell you how do get on Google’s first page….WELL, my web marketing guy Tony Rockliff did it for me! Here’s his message to me today: “You’ve made it to #1 on page 1 of Google for the search term “ukulele wedding” – both as a broad search and as a phrase search – out of 4 million competing sites :)”

Big Jim Allen


“We’ve also hooked up with an incredible entertainment business marketing genius and music producer, Tony Rockliff. We’re already starting to see results. And life has gotten SOOO much easier.”

Neal & Naomi Fox


“Tony nailed it right on the head.

As someone who is quite productive and has launched many projects over the years I found that I was somewhat unhappy with my work situation. Don’t get me wrong. I had a profitable business, but was just not particularly happy or inspired to push and grow it beyond what I had. Additionally, I was having a difficult time pushing through in doing tasks that frankly just didn’t interest me but were part of my day to day responsibilities. Casually at dinner one night Tony was listening to what I was saying and then he asked me the magic question, “What’s your basic purpose?” I stumbled, hemmed, hawed, and just flat out realized I had not articulated it in any meaningful way and because I have a vast skill set, I was “stuck” doing things I was good at, but not particularly inspired by.

So Tony offered to help me by showing me some materials and doing some simple but powerful drills. The end of those drills, I had to articulate my purpose. Well, I have to say the drills were fun and the actual articulation of my purpose was a bit difficult—I spent some time almost having it right BUT when I did nail it—everything in my business shifted. Ideas came rushing in-people who were in alignment with what my purpose was started calling me… So in the few weeks since I started this amazing process I have created several new businesses that are all on my purpose line. I’m days away from some huge income cycles (which is always nice) but more than that—I’m having a blast doing what I find inspiring and fun..

Thanks Tony—you truly rock!”

Laura Betterly


“My wife and I went this year on a cruise to attend the Music Convention. Together, my wife and I do Spanish pop music and formed a band: LILYPOP. At the convention, we had the privilege to met very nice people and successful professionals in the music field: Tony Rockliff, Zoran Madzirov, Aleena Gibson, Duncan Lorien. It was quite an amazing experience.

We came back and started few weeks ago moving up. Applying what we learned at the convention, we just recorded and launched our new single. It immediately hit the Top 10 in local radio after few weeks after the release and we are proud to share with you our new video. “



“My business is doing so well using my “Tony Techniques”. Can’t thank you enough. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Anybody can claim anything they want but does it work? Does it make money? Look at, publish or forward our bank statements if you wish. Block out our address &/or names if you think it’s best. The techniques that you’re teaching work. I’m looking forward to using them (finally!) on music, art and writing! I now have hope in my life and I’m not afraid to start over in Clearwater because I know that there are many many ways that I can succeed. So thankful to my teacher, Tony Rockliff for takin an old dog and teachin’ her some new tricks! Just had to share this with you.” – Meg Cole

“My clients and I have a better understanding of just how to close the internet gap and correct non-optimum conditions. I’m using what I learned in Tony’s seminars every single day to help businesses move up the conditions! I love my job again. One representative of a major advertising firm called me and said how shocked he was at what I’d done with the online listings using this information. He thought I’d bought a huge package from another ad rep, but it was all done by me, for free, from home. It’s so cool to find that you have secret inside information that others want to pay for! And it’s even more fun to watch them benefit from this help. I always refer people to Tony’s site and they can barely believe it’s free. When I recently got a client that needed help with a subject I wasn’t familiar with, I just emailed Tony and got a personal reply directly for her and her needs. Thank you so much!”

Megan Cole


“Hi, Tony! Glad to see you in the thick of it! I am really moving forward as a performing artist, and your seminar was a turning point for me. I have already begun applying this to my performances and doubled my tip income last night at my gig! I am, step-by-step, getting your training points implemented. And, I am winning like never before! Looking forward to more success than ever as I take this to the next level!!!”

Charlie Burger

“Hey, man Great seminar you put on! Put some of that tech to work and gained nearly 600 fans in under a month and still growing. Thanks again!”



“When Tony did a make-over of my website I was not expecting what he presented to me – I was blown away with the aesthetics and marketing savvy that went into it. Through the meetings we had I saw the depth of his understanding of website design, internet marketing and advertising, social media, etc. and actually learned how to market better.

I’m extremely happy and appreciative not only for the end product and the fun we had working it, but especially for the level of service he delivers. In other words, I got way more than I paid for. The only thing you have to watch for is you may feel a bit indebted if you work with him. But don’t worry because he will take goats for payment :)”

Robbie Now

“Tony just finished my husband’s website and I am so impressed with the level of professionalism and artistry that he demonstrated in his work. He has such a deep knowledge of the industry and makes it look so simple and reachable. He knows exactly what to do to bring out the best in an artist.

And on top of that, he is a lot of fun to be around! So easy to work with! So caring!”


“This was such a stellar and simply amazing seminar! It was genius how you took such a complicated subject and made it simple and easy to understand. My whole viewpoint on marketing and social media has expanded and I “get it” now! This was such a necessary and vital seminar and the simplicity of it was spectacular. I’m going to follow the steps that you gave me and avoid making the mistakes that others have made. Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise for the help and growth of other artists!”

Casondra Davis, Las Vegas


“I saw Tony in Nashville and learned a ton of things which I have already started implementing and have increased my success with my Facebook fan page drastically! I will be implementing more of these great ideas in the coming months. This was very current, very relevant information for musicians and indeed any artists.”

Sean Dennison at Caribbean seminar