Meet Tony Rockliff.

Tony is a videographer, music producer, web designer and Internet marketing consultant who is super passionate about inspiring and helping artists to do better.

Tony has decades of experience as a record producer, recording engineer, composer, videographer, writer and marketing specialist and has worked with many popular and well known recording artists during his many years in the music business. He has also given numerous seminars helping artists with their lives and helping them promote themselves more effectively.

Recording artists Tony has worked with in various recording capacities include: Mary Wells, Lamont Dozier, Kim Fowley, David Carradine, Cat Stevens, Billy Ocean, Beck, Nigel Olsson & Dee Murray (Elton John), Regina Bell, The Temptations, Alan Parsons, George Martin, Nicky Hopkins, Bill Bruford (Yes), Colin Young (The Foundations), Dokken, Stacey Keach, Chuck Lorre, David Pomeranz, David Campbell, Harriet Schock, Paul Carrack (Warm Dust/Ace), Brian Johnson (Geordie/AC-DC), Matchbox, Dean (Jan & Dean), Ray Manzarek (Doors), Elaine Page (Evita), Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep), John

Gilston & Robin Williamson (Incredible String Band), Pat Travers, Albert Lee, Aynsley Dunbar, Stanley Clarke, Sha Na Na, Chick Corea and numerous others.

Among the record companies he’s recorded for as a producer are Decca, Youngblood, AIR (George Martin’s company), Sony, Columbia, Red Bus, Hansa, Mowest (UK Motown), Bus Stop, Magnet, S.O.S., LBL, Breaker and Trend Records. As a songwriter, he’s had publishing deals with Intune, Dick James Music (Beatles publisher) Red Bus, De Walden Music, Birth, Casanova and Creative Music (K-Tel).

He has had many recording and publishing deals and several hits. He pioneered various recording techniques including being the first person to create and use a bass and drum loop on a released record. He has had his own studios since the early 80’s. 

CT Dropmock 18

Screenshot from 1998


Above is small sampling of Tony's international press

In 1995, before there was any talk of social media, Tony Rockliff created Cybertown, an on-line social networking community of people from 155 countries interacting in a 3D Virtual Reality off-world town set about 100 years in the future.

Cybertown grew to 1.3 million members, was receiving 1.5 billion hits a year and was in the top 2500 sites in the world in terms of traffic at the point when Tony sold it to new owners. Between 1995 and 2002, there was hardly a month that went by when Cybertown wasn’t featured on a TV show or in a magazine somewhere in the world.

It also attracted partnerships with USA Networks Sci-fi Channel, Sony Interactive, Intel, Hallmark Entertainment, SETI, Centropolis Entertainment

(producers of “Independence Day”, “Godzilla” and “The Patriot” movies), Warner Brothers, Star Trek and others and was growing at a rate of 400% per annum at its peak.

Tony has been the featured speaker on the dynamics of Internet social community building, SEO and many other aspects of Internet marketing at conferences across the world. Most recently Tony has been producing album projects for local artists in Florida and mixing and mastering for artists around the country. He also teaches entrepreneurs and musicians, via seminars and consulting, how to use the Internet to take charge of their careers. And for the past 25 years he has also been shooting and editing videos, building websites, and he has several live streaming green screen studios. He also produces the David Pomeranz SongSessions video podcast where David interviews legendary songwriters.