unmix 2

Unmixing is the extraordinary AI technology where we can take an existing 2-track mix and actually separate out the tracks into individual tracks so that they can be remixed, even when the original tracks no longer exist.

Below are examples where you can hear it in action.

dont-use-metronome-1024x536 40

Here's a before-and-after example where the song had a metronome click track running throughout the final mix and we removed it without access to the original tracks!

I also specialize in fixing and improving music and video audio tracks.


This includes removing unwanted noises - even when they cover existing audio, hums, buzzes, AC noise, hiss, background noises, wind noise, lavalier mic clothes rustle, sibilance, pops, clicks, crackles and coughs. Also extracting dialog from background sounds, enhancing dialog quality, removing or lessening distortion, high-quality time-stretching and pitch-changing, lessening or adding ambience, lessening breaths, audio post-production, music and mixing, and more.


If you'd like me to show you what I can do to improve your audio, upload a short file of the problem audio below (no more than 30 seconds), and I'll send you an improved version.

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